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Things you’ll only hear in ‘Embra’

Edinburgh is a city of marked contrasts and there are certain words and phrases that you are unlikely to hear anywhere else in Scotland. The contrast between the genteel New Town and the shadowy Old Town certainly fuelled the imagination of Robert Louis Stevenson. In fact, his famous tale Jekyll and Hyde is thought to

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Edinburgh in quotes

“The most beautiful of all the capitals of Europe.” As well as being Scotland’s capital city, Edinburgh is also the leading festival city in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But when you live and work in such an incredible city, it can sometimes be easy to take it for granted. So, we

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12 facts you might not know about Edinburgh

Here are twelve facts that you might not know about Edinburgh.   1) Edinburgh Castle sits on Castle Rock, a 700 million year old extinct volcano. At 1pm every day (except Sundays), the ‘One O’Clock Gun’ fires a shot from the castle. 2) The Royal Mile is actually one mile and 107 yards long. 3)

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Strolling and dining off the tourist path in Edinburgh

Oink are delighted to feature in this article all about Edinburgh, thank you to Marilen Fontanilla (Explore ABS-CBN/ANCX) Strolling and dining off the tourist path in Edinburgh Scotland’s capital city is filled with well-preserved monuments and tenements, quirky nooks, affable residents, and a thriving restaurant scene highlighting what is distinctly Scottish read the article in

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Pigs in the city

As Britain’s second most visited city after London, Edinburgh truly is a world class place to visit at any time of year. Almost every inch of Scotland’s stunning capital city is a reminder of its fascinating history. Once you explore the narrow, cobbled alleys of the Old Town and the elegant crescents of the New

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We’ve pulled

A history of pulled pork Pulled pork cooking has its roots in the Southern United States, where early settlers brought pigs with them when they arrived. As cattle perished, pigs were the only animals that could survive the weather conditions, hence the reason why pork was the only variety of meat available to the settlers.

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