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    “An Essential Experience!”

    If ever you visit Edinburgh, you MUST not leave without an OINK experience! We OINK every time we visit and we never want our OINK’s to end!! Your taste buds will tingle with each mouthful of deliciousness! ENJOY.

    HD, Newcastle

People LOVE Oink.

They can’t get enough. But don’t take our word for it...

“Best pulled pork roll ever!”

A place that you will need to queue no matter when you go and that tells you how successful it is! However, it takes few minutes to get your roll.

Go for the Grunter (the biggest size) otherwise, you will regret it was not enough.

They only have pulled pork. Yes, you can choose the type of bread, add onion and sage or haggis and the sauce.

You see the pig in the window and once it is gone, it’s gone. They close until the following day.
It is a must to try in Edinburgh.

We did twice in the 5 days we spent there 🙂

EG, Dublin, Ireland

“Favourite Food at Favourite Street”

Amazing hog roast bun, especially their apple sauce. Situated at Victoria Street near the Grassmarket, one of the most beautiful streets in Edinburgh.


“Great Pulled Pork! Great Sandwich!”

We were on a leisure walk around lunch time and stumbled upon Oink. It was crazy busy, so we decided to see what the fuss was about, and low and behold it was worth the visit! It’s a great fast or takeaway eatery that serves pulled pork with many dressing choices. Service was fast, the food was excellent, and it is just a cute place. Glad we stopped in.

WA, Seattle, USA

“What’s not to love about Pulled Pork?”

Fantastic place for a pulled pork sandwich, service with a smile, great tasting pork, an abundance of dressings. Great place to stop for a sandwich for sure!

BR, Herzogenaurach, Germany


One of the best “street” food we had. The roasted pork and the big variety of sauces make a great idea for a quick lunch!

Daniel, Greece

“Party for 90”

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you to the two lovely girls who came with the hog roast on Saturday evening. They were absolutely lovely and provided an amazing feast for everyone. The roast pork was delicious and we have lots left over in our freezer. They were wonderfully tidy and I just wanted to say thank you to them. They made my life very easy. I just hope they weren’t too cold.”

T Bell, Outside Catering, Party for 90

“Simple yet delicious”

They do exactly what they say! The food is simple but fresh and really deliciously. You just can’t go wrong with it. I absolutely love the apple sauce. Yummy!

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Wallabies on Tour

We’re open, come rain or shine

“The best pulled pork you’ll ever have!”

Wallabies on Tour

We’re open, come rain or shine

“The best pulled pork you’ll ever have!”

Wallabies on Tour

We’re open, come rain or shine

“The best pulled pork you’ll ever have!”

Wallabies on Tour

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