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Oink in art

Friday, March 7th, 2014
Oink by Tamsin Thomson

Oink by Tamsin Thomson, print on display at our Canongate shop

Tamsin Thomson is a very talented Scottish artist who specialises in colourful paintings of animals, wildlife and birds in acrylic. Originally from Ferneycastle in the Scottish Borders, Tamsin is now based in Fife.

We liked her work so much that we commissioned Tamsin to paint ‘Oink’ for us and we are absolutely delighted with the result. So much so that we decided to showcase the painting in our Canongate shop on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, we felt it only right that ‘Oink’ should be on display in Oink!

To see a full gallery of Tamsin’s work and for information about stockists or commissions we recommend you check out her website.

If you like the painting you might like to know that we are also selling ‘Oink’ prints in both shops – A3 prints £7.99 and A4 prints for £4.99. As well as greetings cards at £1.99 and a range of lovely postcards at just 75p each.

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