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Oink move into the New Town

Oink have opened a third shop, this time in Edinburgh’s New Town on Hanover Street, just off Princess Street and George Street in the town centre. So, if you are “in town” doing a spot of shopping (or bag carrying) we are even closer for you to pop in and enjoy one of our hog roast rolls.

This got us thinking…..

Why is it called the New Town?

Built in the 18th Century, Edinburgh’s ‘new town’ was created to counteract the overcrowding of what is now referred to as the ‘old town’ (where Oink has two shops on Victoria Street and Canongate).

Designed by architect James Craig, this part of Edinburgh is often referenced as “a marvel of urban planning, combining elegant architecture with spacious and comfortable housing”. Many of the buildings are

Many of the buildings are typical of a Neoclassical style and many still have the original grandiose, Grecian pillars outside and tall ceilings and decorative friezes and trimmings inside.

The New Town residences were built along an integrated and harmonious street plan so it was easy to follow, with residences set near pleasant communal gardens (now referred to as Princess Street Gardens) and attractive views.

Why is it called Hanover Street?

Many of the street names reflect the era in which the ‘New town’ was built and Edinburgh’s strong connections to the British Empire and The 1745 Jacobite Rising; Cumberland Street, after the Duke of Cumberland (the ‘butcher’ of the Battle of Culloden); Hanover Street, after the House of Hanover; Frederick Street, after George III’s father; with Thistle Street and Rose Street symbolising the Union of 1707. Scotland’s own distinctive religious identity was recognised in St Andrew Square.

Adam and Sandy are delighted with the new location and since opening at the end of April are overwhelmed with all the positive feedback. The shop does have some seating so you can eat in and rest after the exertions of shopping or simply getting away from the office.

Oink have also introduced ‘Hog in a box’ – Pulled pork with the extras but served without the bread roll. Perfect for low carb diets, something a bit lighter or to enjoy a gluten-free hog roast treat.

The Hanover Street shop is situated just off Princes Street, next to the bus stop so it’s not hard to find!

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