Taste Oink in Your City

Taste Oink in Your City

Wish you had a business like ours?

With an OINK franchise, you can have a business exactly like ours!

It’s a very, very exciting time for us with the prospect of OINK shops opening up all over the country.

We’ve been working on this business for years, learning what equipment works best and how to source it; getting our pricing right and our branding perfect.

We’d be crazy not to want to really capitalise on the obvious strength of our brand, our systems, methods and quality ingredients, but micro managing staff all over the UK is not our strength.

This is what led us to franchising; we want every branch of OINK to be owned by someone with a real passion for the business, someone who will uphold the company ethos of uncompromising quality and service.

The franchise options are:

• a retail store (which has the ovens inside depending on the size of the store) and a van capable of transporting the pigs to the store and events

• OR a retail store with an external lock up for ovens, storage, refrigeration, preparation etc., and a van capable of transporting the pigs to the store and events

Or any of the above plus a catering trailer for outside events

We’ve been working with one of the top franchise consultancies in the country to make sure everything about our franchise model is perfect and to ensure we were fully ready to do this. Well we are, and we couldn’t be more excited!

Food franchises, particularly in the food to go sector like us, are very popular; people are often amazed to learn that many outlets of globally known brands on our high streets are actually owned and operated by private individuals. Whilst no business is truly recession proof, many in the food to go sector come pretty close.

We want to speak to people who are:

A big fan of food!
Able to follow our business model
People orientated
Hard working
A good manager
Good with money
A good communicator

We’d be delighted to discuss the opportunity with anyone who fulfils the above criteria, so if you feel that’s you, and you’d like to find out more about the opportunity, then please contact our franchise recruitment team below

The team will be delighted to take your details and email you a copy of our franchise prospectus.

Don’t worry, you’re not entering into any kind of agreement where we pester you for life about our company – just read through it and if you like what you see give us a call and ask us all your questions!

Interested in an Oink Franchise then please get in touch, in the mean time have a look at our Franchise YouTube video

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