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Name our new Mascot

Thank you to all who have entered our recent competition on Facebook to name our new mascot which is in our Victoria Street shop.

and the winning name and runner ups are;

(1)    Notorious P.I.G
(2)    Truffles
(3)    Orwell

Oink Mascot, Victoria Street Shop

Oink Mascot in our Victoria Street Shop – can you spot it?

The winners were drawn at our team meeting on Monday the 11 May.

We would like to thank everyone for your suggestions, great names and the selection process will not be easy.

We have excluded no one and all names are in the running.  The competition really is just a bit of fun and other that using our Facebook account to ask for your suggestions, it has nothing to do with Facebook, nor are Facebook involved in anyway.

The winners will be contacted by private message, and here is the prizes that they will receive;

The winner will receive a Oink Hoodie and a voucher for a grunter
2nd prize, Oink T shirt and a Oink voucher
3rd prize Oink Hat and Piglet voucher

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